Positive Transformation through Self-Empowerment

Wings is a way to communicate with our innate knowing; our own inner sense of what is right.  As we develop our capacity to connect with this wisdom, we become aware of the vast array of choices available at any given moment—some desirable and some less than desirable.  Within this field of possibilities, we gain clarity about which ones work for us. 

Wings assists us to move through changes in our lives with greater ease.  Our bio-computer—our brain and mind—begins to make better choices.  Our inner programming of life is accessed through using the simple yet efficient process of muscle-testing and then correcting the internal energy flow through a series of protocols using energy points on the hands.

Wings: Bridges To Freedom has been teaching self-empowerment and self-improvement techniques for many years.  Our objective is and always has been to assist others in taking personal responsibility for changing their lives.  We view change as a means of growth leading to freedom.  We seek positive transformation through releasing old patterns and beliefs that have kept us from progressing.