Wings Classes

Are you interested in participating in a Wings class? Click here for a list of upcoming events.

Wings Level 1 - $300

This class will teach you the fundamentals of how energy works.  You will learn how to release the negative energy and replace it with positive energy in a very simple and quick way.  This creates a path for you to move forward with ease and make better, more positive, healing choices in your life.  You will have the ability to make changes in your life, easily releasing the stress and anxiety that often overwhelm us. 

You will be a Certified Wings Practitioner who has the ability to work on yourself, your family and friends. 

Wings Level 2 - $350

This class brings a lot of added tools to help find the issues and conflicts that plague us.  Many of these conflicts are in our genetic code as well as in our traditions and environment.   

In this class you will work at a deeper level with the Wings Facilitator and group.  You will add to the fundamentals previously learned and expand your knowledge.  This will give you more resources to use while working on yourself and others, making the positive changes in our lives easier. 

To begin this class you will need to complete the Wings Basic Level and submit 25 hours of practicum to your Facilitator, to show that you have been working with the Gates & Chakras, and are now ready to add more information and experience to your knowledge base.

When you complete this class you will be a Certified Wings Practitioner-Advanced.